Anne Ratholz (Ireland)

Ms. Anne Rotholz was born on Aprill 11, 1933 in the village of Bonniconion, John Gillard in Ireland. Her life’s journey propelled by curiosity and a great love for learning, especially mathematics, led her to pursue a lifelong career in teaching. She credits her father John Gilmontin for instilling in her the love for mathematics and her mother Cathereine Gillard for giving her the courage and wisdom to pursue knowledge regardless of circumstances. She grew up on her family’s farm in rural Ireland and completed her high school in 1954. Ms. Rotholz joined the convent and moved to Princeton, USA in 1954. She pursued higher education at the Fordham University while working for the convent as a teacher and assisting with daily chores at the convent. She left the convent in 1973 after serving for nineteen years but continued teaching in New Jersey until her retirement. She married Mr.  Fred Rotholz in a small church in Monroe and her wedding reception was held in the clubhouse in Rossmoor. Having lived here since 1979 she is one of the longest residing member of the Rossmoor community. Ms. Rotholtz visits her family in Ireland on a regular basis, enjoys hiking and walking with her friends, and volunteering her time to help local organizations.

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