Ashok Chadha (India)

Ashok Chadha was born on May 10th 1939 in Wazirabad located now in Pakistan. Even though his family moved to Ayyapur in 1946, a year prior to partition of India he remembers his childhood days and the peaceful community in which he grew up in towns that became part of the new country Pakistan. As an eight-year-old Ashok was aware of the hardships family members and friends faced all around him to survive and the struggles they went through to settle down again in new neighborhoods with scant resources. He fondly remembers how his father who was an English literature major taught his brother and him at home until Ashok joined fifth grade in Cambridge School, Delhi. He worked for about thirty years at the prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Center as a research scientist. He migrated to the USA in 1992 with his family. Ashok was overwhelmed by generosity of many family and friends who helped him as they tried to find jobs in the USA and settle down. He eventually moved to New Jersey in 1994 to work for his friend who had an asbestos analysis laboratory in Edison. Mr. Chadha moved to Rossmoor in 2013 and gives credit to the many activities organized by the Indian American Club that makes him feel very much at home in this community

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