Hilda Della Corte (Puerto Rico)

Hilda Della Corte was born on February 24, 1935 in the town of Bara Chitas in Puerto Rico. Soon after she was born her parents separated and she was raised by her aunt and uncle who were childless. Her mother’s family was originally from Spain and her maternal grandfather was a farmer. Growing up in a secure home in San Juan Hilda feels blessed to have had such a pleasant and happy childhood. As a child she remembers how her uncles served alongside US soldiers in World War II and the efforts of her family to help the troops. She grew up in a family of devout Catholics and went to St. Thomas Aquinas a Catholic convent school. She has tried to live her life based on two important lessons she learned from her parents, one to always think independently and the other to always be true to oneself. She moved permanently to the USA with her mother in 1953. Her ability to speak English, Spanish and Portuguese landed her the job of working as an airhostess for Pan American Airlines and Trans Caribbean. This gave her the opportunity to travel around the world, experience world cultures, and broaden her outlook. It also allowed her to visit Puerto Rico regularly and maintain strong ties with her extended family. Many of her family members including her four daughters live in the Unites States. She moved to Rossmoor in 2002 and has seen the community become more diverse over the years. She enjoys living in this community with her husband, a retired veteran and fireman.