Ritu Chopra

Ritu Chopra is at present a Technologist, Executive Coach, Author, International Speaker, Award-winning Film Director.

  • Her Story Award from Women Federation of World Peace
  • New Jersey Change Maker Award
  • International Independent Film Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Best Shorts Award
  • CICFF Winner 2017 – Documentary: The Secret Crimes and the Epidemic of Generations
  • Princeton TV: Director Choice Award

She was born in a family in northern India where her grand-parents and parents were severely impacted by the 1947 partition. Rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of partition, her grandparents focused on safety and basic necessities for the family, and her father as a young man left for New Delhi to educate himself.

She grew up and completed her bachelor’s in business management in New Delhi. Entering Law College, her life took a turn following her cultural traditions, she got married at a young age and then she moved to the United States with her husband. Here, as a newly wedded couple and immigrants, they had tremendous challenges ahead in the early 1980s living in the upper Midwest. She later moved to New Jersey to raise her two children and continue her education and training towards her profession.

Her life’s challenges took her to a spiritual journey where she found much solace, inner strength and courage to deal with the harsh realities of being a provider, raising children and moving her career during Mergers and Acquisition ERA of 1990. An auto accident left her in much pain for years, limiting her ability to manage her daily lives and normal routines while raising young children single handedly, she found strength and inspiration in Classic literature and Spirituality. The 9/11, Economic meltdown of 2007-08 as most of us witnessed, disrupted her career over and over, only to make her even more strong-willed individual, Ritu embraced life as it came. She had learned the best methodologies of the business world of Fortune 500 companies while navigating her IT Consulting career over the past 20 plus years. A published Author, award winning documentarian, and a creative artist, Ritu prides herself as a Humanitarian and Mentor.

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