Sara Acevedo (Cuba)

Sara Acevado was born on July 13, 1953 in the old Province of Las Villas (new province of Cienfuegos) in Cuba. Born in tumultuous times Sara experienced many political and social changes in her country and strongly contributes her success in life and who she is as a person to her formative years in Cuba. She lived in the small bustling town of Cruces located between two main cities Cienfuegos and Santa Clara and surrounded by large sugarcane factories and other industries. Her maternal grandfather who had moved to Cuba from Spain had a thriving construction materials depot. Her father who was against the growing political changes towards communism finally left Cuba in 1970 to Spain. Sara along with her family lived with them while waiting to be united with her father who had migrated to United States of America in 1974. She enjoyed studying and eventually went to a vocational school to become a draftsman in cartography. She worked at the Institute of Physical Planning in Cuba until she left for United States at the age of 27. She began working at the same company as her father and believes her passion for learning and her commitment to her work earned her great respect and promotions at work to positions of greater responsibility. Her strong Catholic upbringing and beliefs led her to join the church as a missionary and travel to Mexico. She continues to work at the Tribunal in Piscataway and take courses at the Dayton University to advance her knowledge about Catholicism. Her mother and Sara moved to Rossmoor in 2014.